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What is PLO Ranger?

We are PLO players just like you. We have realised that there is no quick way to determine preflop hand strength comfortably - on the go.

The top 30 starting hands? Counting points associated with cards? Comparing against ranges? These are all great for playing around when away from the tables. We've also seen plenty of PLO software claiming itself to be the holy grail. But frankly, we've yet to see anything which is actually useful.

What we would really like to see, is mathematical hand strength, on a HUD.

That's why we have developed PLO Ranger. We use it and we are sure both beginners and pros alike can benefit from this. PLO Ranger does just that, it's showing you your current mathematical hand strength comfortably on a HUD. That way you can be sure, that your VPIP/PFR statistics are mathematically correct, bringing you closer to game theory optimal approach with preflop decisions.

PLO Ranger is simple, lightweight and effective tool.

Features and availability

- An easy to use graphic interface HUD to show mathematical hand strength right where your decisions are made
- Helps you bring your preflop decisions closer to game theory optimal approach
- Customizable refresh rate to optimize CPU usage
- Ongoing development and full support

Currently only on Windows
Currently only for PokerStars
PLO, PLO Hi/Lo, 5 card PLO and PLO Hi/Lo available

We are constantly developing PLO Ranger, currently working on adding Mac support and other poker clients. Stay in touch on this page, and we will e-mail you updates once you've bought the program.

What does it look like?

Looks nice, doesn't it?

Ok, that's all cool, how can I have it?

Still sceptic? We know, we have a 3 day free trial period, starting from the moment you first run the program. Already made up your mind? Download the program and purchase below. You are playing somewhere else, or on a Mac? Patience please, it's coming

PLORanger is currently unavailable due to changed PokerStars policy


How are the hand strengths determined?

Hand ranges are determined using multiple Monte Carlo simulations. PLORanger will display mathematical pre-flop hand strength, which does not depend on the game state and/or environment, such as active players on the table.

Is PLORanger allowed?

Poker Stars has confirmed PLORanger's conformity. Please note that PLORanger does not make the decision for you, but gives you only mathematical guidance. It is up to each player itself to determine whether the hand is suitable or not. Please see the Poker Stars list of allowed software here - (note that the list is updated every 5-6 weeks).

When can we expect updates

The team behind PLORanger is constantly working on making PLORanger better. We are keeping all customers notified via e-mail and all users are welcome to check this site for updates. All future updates will be free of charge (e.g when other poker rooms are added).

PLORanger doesn't work? Shows 'waiting for a hand'?

The issue most likely is that now you have two different Pokerstars folders in your appdata folder. Go to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local and delete the pokerstars folder you are not using and then restart PLORanger. This should fix the issue.

How is my unique ID generated?

PLORanger generates your unique ID based on your network card serial number. It takes the number, crypts it with randomized hash and takes first 20 digits. Don't worry, we can't see your network card ID, just the hash.

Have an unanswered question? - shoot us an e-mail at contact page.

To contact us, please e-mail support [at]

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